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1.  Arrive 15 minutes prior to worship.

2.  Check the seating area to make sure everyone has access to a hymnal.

3.  Change the Hymn numbers on the Hymn Boards to match the bulletin (spare numbers can be found in the Sacristy cabinet).

4.  Stand near the sanctuary doorway and distribute worship and children bulletins.

5.  Check to see if the acolyte needs any assistance.

6.  Sit near the back of the sanctuary and watch for latecomers and assist them with finding a seat and give them a bulletin.

7.  Pass the offering plates at the appropriate time. Go forward and receive the plates from the pastor. When the offertory is sung, bring the plates forward. Arrange before worship for someone to assist with the side aisles.

8.  Usher people forward for communion. Approximately ten on each side of the altar, 20 total. Ushers typically commune as the last of the congregation goes forward.

9.  Take head count of all present and record attendance on the roll sheet in the table drawer by the entry doors.

10.  Check the sanctuary after worship and pick up any items left behind.