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1.  Arrive 15 minutes prior to worship.

2.  Communion materials and service set are in lower cabinets to the right of the fridge.

3.  Place bread (often in fridge) in tray with lid.

4.  Place plastic communion cups in trays. Fill center cups with white grape juice. Fill outside cups with wine. Use wine filler device for both. 2-3 trays are needed depending on expected attendance. Better to be long than short.

5.  Fill challis (large cup) with wine to 1/3 full. Place brass cover on top.

6.  Locate cloth covers in drawers in same area. Covers should match the colors of the paraments on the altar.

7.  Locate small white wiping cloth in drawer.

8.  Locate basket for discarded wine cups. Place paper napkins in bottom of basket.

9.  Deliver all elements to altar and cover with cloths. Leave wiping cloth on top of challis.


1.  Retrieve elements from altar.

2.  Wine in challis should be drunk (out of respect for the sacrament). Wine in disposable cups can be put back in wine bottle with the use of the dispenser.

3.  Bread can be eaten or retuned to zip lock bag and in fridge.

4.  Service set should be wiped, washed, and returned to cabinet.