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1.  Prepare snacks for approximately 75 people. You can also partner with another family to prepare vs. serve fellowship.

  1. Prepare for Sunday fellowship before the service. Have ___ cups of coffee prepared (directions to make coffee available in kitchen cabinet door above the coffee maker). Use carafes to hold warm coffee for serving at the counter.
  2. Have approximately 1 to 2 pitchers of juice prepared. Juice products are in upper cabinets next to fridge.
  3. Put out snacks and place on plates to serve (and possibly thaw). Glass serving platters are in lower cabinets two down from fridge.

2.  Serve directly after church.

  1. You may want to leave the service early after you commune to prepare to serve.
  2. Place drinks and snack in serving window.
  3. Place cream, sugar, sweetener, and stir sticks out with coffee.

3.  Cleanup fellowship.

  1. Rinse out coffee maker and carafes.
  2. Place unused juice in fridge and/or wash and dry pitchers.
  3. Clean and put any other misc. dishes away.

4.  Have a good time fellowshipping with the congregation!